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FPV HD Camera

When camera meets drone, a walking movie is switched on. The flying drone takes the camera to capture the view that the camera never saw on the ground; the 5.8G real-time images transmission system offers you much more convenient aerial experience.

Altitude Hold Mode

Adopt the advanced barometer to automatically maintain flying altitude.
Operation is very simple. Once signal connections are finished, push up the throttle control stick and then hands off. The copter will maintain a desired flying altitude.

VR 3D new experience

“MJX H" APP is designed to accommodate VR 3D glasses. You can wear VR 3D glasses to experience real flying feeling. Touch 3D mode button on the APP interface, then, wear the VR 3D glasses. You will go through an unbelievable visual fidelity and a whole new 3D visual effect.

“MJX H" App leads you into the new aerial era

MJX has redefined the professional aerial experience. Your mobile phone now could be used as a remote controller to control your aircraft. And there are richer and more convenient controlling functions. Right now, install the “MJX H" APP to your mobile phone and enjoy the special functions that MJX brings you “MJX H" not only has remarkable interface, but also has the functions of one-key takeoff/landing, one-key start, flight plan and 3D display mode. You will enjoy simple and fluent flying experience.


For Android system, please visit our website or to download the software “MJX H".
For Apple IOS system, please go to the APP store to download the software “MJX H".


1.Power on the model, the indicator light of the model is flashing quickly. The model is in gyro detecting stale. Put the model on the ground.
2.Enter into settings of the smart phone, open WIFI, search the WIFI signal “MJX H ****" and connect it. After successful connection, exit settings.
3.Open “MJX H" software at the smart phone and click the logo “MONITOR" to enter into the control interface to watch the real-time video or click “CONTROL" to enter into the APP control interface to control the flight by the APP. Touch“" , when it is in red color, it means that the mobile phone has successful connected with the model. At this time, the indicator light of the model keeps constant on. Touch“" , the rotor blades will rotate slowly; then, push up the throttle control stick, the model will take off.



Activate the mobile phone APP real-time remote control interface.

Flight Plan

Open the "MJX H"App; use flight plan at your fingertips: just draw a route on the screen, the copter will auto pilot as per the given path.

GRAVITY SENSOR(G-sensor) control function

Touch “"; once it turns red, the model is in G-sensor control mode. The model movement(turn left, turn right, fly leftward, fly rightward, forward and backward) will be controlled by the mobile phone’s accelerometer.

One-key return

With built-in positioning system, the drone can auto locate the remote control. Just press the one-key return button, the drone will fly back to the remote control’s location.

Headless Mode

Adopted latest radio control technology, the drone can automatically identify its location when it is played in headless mode. It is just a piece of cake to get back your drone even though it is flying far away from you.

Era of App smart control, one-touch fly

One key Unlock

One key start

One key landing

1.After the model is unlocked, the rotor blades rotate slowly; touch “" , the model will take off.
2.While the model is flying, touch “", the model will automatically & gently land to the ground.


Installed with LED light, it is much more attractive and interesting when flying at night.