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Eversion Reverse flight

Low-speed & High-speed switch

We design 2 speeds for the remote controller. It is suitable for beginner and skilled operator.High-speed is much more challenging.
The pilots can choose the speed mode according to their flying skill.

Inverse Kinematics Design

The structure is different from other aircraft. The motors and rotor blades are all adopted upside down design, which enables the aircraft to utilize the reaction of the inverse kinematics. Flying is as easy as always.

6-Axis GYRO

The latest 6-axis flight control system, permits super stable flight.

2.4GHz Radio control technology

The 2.4GHz radio technology has become the mainstream in radio control domain. Its transmission distance is up to 10 meters, this is a significant advantage over the 27MHz radio technology. Nowadays, low energy consumption and microminiaturization have become the active demand of the radio communication product; 2.4GHz radio technology satisfied this requirement very well.

The transmission speed of radio wave is about 300000 km/s.

27-72MHz wavelength

2.4GHz wavelength

Rapid response speed

2.4GHz is a special frequency range, if changed to the familiar frequency as we know,it equals to 2400MHz.Hence, it is also named as high frequency. Generally speaking, high frequency does not cause signal interference. The frequency range of 2.4GHz comes to fruition firstly in signal anti-interference. This year, signal interference occurs from time to time in the remote control playing gathering. Someone even doubt that high-voltage induction coil that caused by the spark of the car engine may bring signal interference.But, do not worry. The 2.4GHz does very well in this aspect. Signal interference will not occur even though multiple helicopters are played at the same time.

Powerful anti-interference capability

Take 72MHz for example, if using the Twentieth channel (72.190MHz), then, the transmitter use the exact 72.190MHz for transmitting signal only, and the receiver is also received the signal which is sending from 72.190MHz, in case that this channel is encounter obstacle, the radio communication will be presented. But the 2.4GHz system uses the high frequency range for sending signal, signal interference problem will not occur. Let’s take the FHSS frequency hopping pattern that Futaba 2.4GHz system adopts as an example, it takes the advantage of spread hopping way when sending signal. Imagined that there is a 16 lane highway and the 2.4GHz signal keeps moving from lane to lane, thus, the chance of signal interference is very small.

3D flips & roll

Pilot your aircraft up to 3 meters and you can choose normal roll mode or one-key roll mode to perform the roll action. One-button roll mode: press the one-key roll button, your aircraft will roll forward. Normal roll mode: Push the throttle control stick to the top, and then push the steering control stick to the top/bottom/ left-most/right-most and return it to the middle position right away, your aircraft will roll as per your given signal. (Tips: The second roll should wait 2 seconds after the first roll and the throttle should be pushed up to the top again.)


Installed with LED light, it is much more attractive and interesting when flying at night.