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Dream of the future

Streamline Shape

After more than one hundred times’ modifications and improvement on the structure, MJX engineers gave birth to this innovative streamlined structure aircraft. It is not only full of modern sense, but also assures high body rigidity and precise flying pose.

Autonomous Flying Auxiliary System

Simple remote controller design, even it is the first time for you to operate the remote controller, you can control flying freely with full confidence. The built-in flying control system can record turning-home point; the aircraft can fly back to you in the condition of signal lost, near exhaustion of battery, or reception of return signal.

Automatic Hovering Fixed Location and Height

Dual GPS and GLONASS system make search and positioning much more faster. It achieves stable hovering, fixed location and altitude hold. When the GPS reception signal is good, put your hands off the remote control stick, the aircraft will hover in place, keep itself at stable height and position and await next order.

New Intelligent Battery

12.6V 6000mAH super high-capacity intelligent battery. The intelligent battery equips with built-in sensor and LED indicator light enable pilots to get the real-time battery status and battery level of the aircraft.The system automatically calculates the necessary battery level and time to complete home return and landing. Pilots could get precise control over flying time.

3-axis mechanical gimbal with built-in MEMS 6-axis gyroscope, it has control precision no more than 0.02°, which makes video stable and no shake. 135° freely adjustable pitch angle contributes to full range angle of aerial photography.

5.8G Zero-latency image Transmission

More than 1 km image transmission distance, pilot can enjoy the zero-latency real time video transmitted from the aircraft.

Super HD Camera

The camera adopts Sony’s sensor, super large lens with a diameter of 17mm, super wide 6G 170° range lens, it enables pilot to make 1080P and 2.7K photography. It supports Micro SD cards up to 64G memory. All this enables you take as many photos as you like.

One screen, Dual-use; aerial aircraft turns into FPV racing aircraft easily.

The screen can be put on top of the remote controller or directly install inside the unique structure design G2 goggles. One screen, dual-use, convenient and saves money. 7-inch screen brings larger display of the image; pilot can experience better immersive racing flight. Unique G2 structure design, it allows 7 inches displayer to be installed in the G2 goggles, big screen can serve as glasses. Dual-purpose of one screen, cost-saving and convenient!

Dual Antennas for Signal Transimtter and Receiver

Both the receiver and transmitter adopt dual-antenna design, which could increase antenna gain and better avoid signal interference. You are worry-free about interference from others when racing with others.