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C5830 C5820FPV720P Real time aerial camera

The Unique Visual Experience



C5830/C5820 should work with D43, and are only available for the aircraft of Bugs3, Bugs6 or Bugs8.

High resolution camera

When camera meets drone, a walking movie is switched on. The flying drone can live stream the footage through the 5.8G real time image transmission system and offer much better and simple aerial experience to pilots.

6 pieces of glass lens

5.8 G First Person View real-time HD image transmission

FPV is a new method used to control a radio-controlled vehicle from the pilot's view point. Most commonly it is used to pilot a radio-controlled aircraft. It is a great breakthrough of the high technology area. The Bugs 8 racing drone could be piloted remotely from a first-person perspective via an onboard camera, fed wirelessly to video FPV goggles or a video monitor, which enabling pilots enjoy a true stereoscopic view.

5.8G 500m high power image transmission; allows 300-500 meters smooth image transmission; top speed 45km/h.

The images can be transmitted smoothly, with no dropping frames and no stuck on the screen. 5.8G camera and LCD screen could be ordered separately from MJX.

Enjoy your outdoor flight, enjoy the great view,enjoy the immersive 3D visidualization experience

Unique Memory Card Design

C4010 equips with high capacity TF memory card & card reader. It can take gorgeous photos and HD videos.

C5830 C5820

Installation of the FPV 720P Real time aerial camera

C5830 C5820 installation:

  • 1. Insert TF card into slot of camera;

  • 2. Fix the camera on the aircraft, then tighten screws clockwise;

  • 3. Insert the 3-wire plug into the 3-wire socket on receiver PCB;

  • 4. Fix the antenna atop of the card lot.

  • Installation of 5.8G FPV display:

  • 1. Connect the stand bar to the display.

  • 2. Pull out the lock center of the stand bar.

  • 3. Attach to the remote controller.

  • C5830 C5820

    FPV 720P Real time aerial camera

    package includes

  • C5830 Camera

  • TF moemory card

  • 4 pcs screws

  • Screw driver

  • C5820 Camera

  • TF moemory card

  • 4 pcs screws

  • Screw driver

  • C5830 size:

    C5820 size:

    C5830 C5820

    FPV 720P Real time aerial camera

    product Specifications

  • Product description: FPV 720P Real time aerial camera

  • Brand: MJX

  • Item No.: C5830 C5820

  • Application: FPV Real-time taking photos and videos

  • Applicable for multicopter: Bugs3,Bugs6 or Bugs8