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720P Real time aerial camera

The Unique Visual Experience
Applicable for multicopter: X101,X102,X103,X104,A1,A2,A3,A4



720P Real time aerial camera

package includes:
  • Camera

  • Mobile phone fixing component

  • Mobile phone holder

  • Screw driver

  • Antenna bracket

  • TF moemory card

  • Card reader

  • Connecting wire

  • 5 pcs screws

  • Completely Different HD Camera Experience

    Clear world, clear viewed. 720P Highly integrated camera with built-in sophisticated sensor could thoroughly eliminate the phenomenon of lens distortion emanated by other common cameras. Features with concise design & light weight; perfectly restores the views of the real world much lively and vivid.

    FPV Real-time HD images transmission

    C4018 is carried with highly admired 720P HD figure transfer technology. Just connect the mobile device to the camera, HD real-time images taken by the camera could be seen real-time through using MJX FPV APP.

    FPV is " First-person Point of View " for short. It is a new playing idea based on aerial models or Automobile & boat models. For general R/C radio control model, playing experience is that player holds the remote control at hand and keeps his eyes on the model far away to control the flying pose of the model and operate all kinds of actions only. Now, playing experience is more perfect. Once mounted with the FPV real-time camera, players could watch the live images that taken by the camera through the connected mobile device.

    Unique Memory Card Design

    C4018 equips with high capacity TF memory card & card reader. It can take gorgeous photos and HD videos.

    Powerful intuitive APP functions experience

    MJX FPV APP is very powerful. Connect the mobile device to the camera, HD photos and videos can be recorded immediately.

    For Apple IOS system, please go to APP store to download the software “MJX FPV". For Android system, please visit our website to download the software “MJX FPV".

    “MJX H" App leads you into the new aerial era

    MJX has redefined the professional aerial experience. Your mobile phone now could be used as a remote controller to control your aircraft. And there are richer and more convenient controlling functions. Right now, install the “MJX H" APP to your mobile phone and enjoy the special functions that MJX brings you “MJX H" not only has remarkable interface, but also has the functions of one-key takeoff/landing, one-key start, flight plan and 3D display mode. You will enjoy simple and fluent flying experience.

    Installation of the FPV 720P Real time aerial camera set


    Install the holder of the mobile phone:

  • 1. Connect the stand bar to the mobile phone fixing component.

  • 2. Adjust the fixing component pward or downward according to the size of the mobile phone.

  • 3. Set the mobile phone holder to the top of the remote control.

  • 4. Pull back the lock center of the stand bar and slowly push up the holder,the mobile phone holder would be taken down.

  • #C4018 installation

  • 1.The camera should be fastened to the interface at the bottom of the model.

  • 2.Fix the camera by screwing clockwise.

  • 3.Insert the camera wire plug to the camera interface.

  • 4.Insert the camera wire plug to port of C4005.

  • 5.Insert the antenna bracket into interface of the foot stand and lock the screws.

  • 6.Install the antenna to the antenna bracket.

  • FPV software download and installation


    1. For Apple IOS system, please go to APP store to download the software “MJX H"

    2. For Android system, please visit our website to download the software “MJX H"


    Power on the model, enter into settings of the smart phone.Open WIFI, search the corresponding camera (C4018) WIFI signal “MJX H ****"and connect it. After successful connection, exit settings. Open “MJX H" software at the smart phone and click the logo“ MONITOR " to enter into the control interface to watch the real-time video or click “ CONTROL " to enter into the APP control interface to control the flight by the APP..


  • OPEN “MJX H"




  • OPEN “MJX H"



  • Flight Plan

    Open the "MJX H"App; use flight plan at your fingertips: just draw a route on the screen, the copter will auto pilot as per the given path.

    GRAVITY SENSOR(G-sensor) control function

    Touch "" , once it turns red, the model is in G-sensor control mode. The model movement(turn left, turn right, fly leftward, fly rightward, forward and backward) will be controlled by the mobile phone’s accelerometer.

    One-key return

    With built-in positioning system, the drone can auto locate the remote control. Just press the one-key return button, the drone will fly back to the remote control’s location.


    Adopted latest radio control technology, the drone can
    automatically identify its location when it is played in headless
    mode. It is just a piece of cake to get back your drone even
    though it is flying far away from you.

    Era of App smart control, one-touch fly

    One key Unlock

    One key start

    One key landing

    1.After the model is unlocked, the rotor blades rotate slowly; touch “" , the model will take off.
    2.While the model is flying, touch “", the model will automatically & gently land to the ground.