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Bugs 3

Powerful brushless motor

MT1806 1800kv Brushless Motor, the most cost - efficient & excellent quality brushless motor among the brushless motor lines. Maximum upward lift 230g. Flying with sport camera is just a piece of cake.

19 Mins

7.4V 1800mAh high capacity battery support maximum flying times 18-19 mins, which saturates all your desires about flying postures of an aerial drone.

Independent ESCs provide worry-free flying experience

MJX RC is the first one and the No. 1 manufacturer that added the ESC with built-in automatic lock protection and high termperature lock protection. It ends up pilot's worry about motor and ESC burn out due to dead lock. The ESCs support 2S-3S capacity Li-polymer battery.

7.4V 1800 mAh high capacity battery

The high capacity battery is designed specifically for Bugs 3. 7.4V 1800 mAh high capacity battery It is a battery that has charging and discharging management function. With new high-energy cell and advanced battery management system, it can offer sufficient power for drone. The battery must charge with special charger that made by MJX authority.

Unqiue package design for battery provides extra assurance for battery safety

Smart remote control alarm function

The transmitter buzzer receives the voltage status of the drone will send out beep sound once the drone is in low volatage. so , your drone is always under control. The transmitter buzzer will send out beep sound once the remote control signal is weak or interferenced. Your flight is always safe.

6-Axis GYRO

The latest 6-axis flight control system, permits super stable flight.

Adopt 2.4G frequency technology

  • Fly alongside other RC vehicles without any kind of interference whatsoever.
  • 2.4G is far more resistant against all forms of signal interference, meaning you won’t experience the controls being wrestled away from you by rogue radio frequencies.
  • 2.4G are more responsive and can operate without issues at much longer ranges of typically 300 to 500 meters.
  • 2.4G uses less power which should save on batteries.

Support to mount Gopro and xiaomi xiaoyi motion camera

For your better experience, B3 Bugs has equipped with camera holder which supports to mount Gopro and Xiaomi Xiaoyi motion camera. Combined with MJX stable cloud service, it can output smooth images with ease, and provides a better photography experience for players.

H/L speed switch

Low speed

High speed

(Not included)

There are 2 flight modes of the model: Low speed and high speed.

7.4 inches easily distinguished  & autolock propeller

To make installation "really easy". MJX has specially added the marks of A,B,lock and unlock logo on the back side of the proplles. Pilots do not need to waste any time on distinguishing and installing the propellers any more.

Pure nylon fibre material

Pure Nylon Fibre material builds high-intensive main body, diagonal 310mm, quadratura X structure design assures center of gravity control is at the very center of the quadcopter,which make flight super stable.

3D flips & roll

Press the 360° rotation button on the transmitter, and push the forward/backward, left/right joystick to the end at the same time, then you can control the drone to rotate in 4 directions.

Super bright LED light

Super bright LED lights aid in orientation and allow for night flyig.

Long: 410mm

Diagonal: 310mm